BGen. A Galido
Bgen.    PA  
Cdt. Galido  ClassCrest

Ando or "Galides" was a rugged macho man. He was the commander of Southern Luzon Command (Solcom) during the failed December 1990 putsch against the Aquino administration. He became a celebrity when his affidavit confirmed the findings of Sen. Guingona that an American Harold Maglio offered to provide sophisticated military hardware worth $20M and worked out a plan with rebel soldiers to topple the Aquino gov't. US embassy officials denied any connection. Then Defense Sec. Fidel Ramos agreed. Anywise, we thank God, Galides did not commit his command for more bloodshed; instead he helped foiled the coup attempt. He died peacefully not long after his compulsory retirement.

Galides, though very ill, attended the Parade and Review for the retired and the retiring PMA class58. Here, General Biazon, now Senator, wished them all the best.

Who is that guy behind him? The news clip says he's Galide's Physician.


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